The project is available to all socially active users without ethno-geographical and religious restrictions, however, takes into account especially the traditional cultural and communication preferences of Muslim users. The app is designed as a new breed of cross-platform MesScroll telecommunication system (Messenger & Scroll) and eliminates such ideas as roaming and border.

At the same time the main condition is observed - to protect personal data, observe the privacy of correspondence and information exchange. Communicate each other, exchange messages, pics, vids and audio files, share documents, contacts and location. Your contacts are secured by the specially designed LockBlock protective system, data is encrypted right on the user device and not available to anybody else.

In some cases users may experience some limits while using the application, namely:
- if you have exceeded the allowed number of code SMS verification when login;
- if your device has an old or not updated version of the operating system;


Data compression feature is available while using slow or expensive internet.

When you select Saving Bandwidth Mode, special codec is actuated and further compresses the data with no loss of sound and video quality.

Bandwidth Usage:


While using this feature it is available to bypass the traffic limits in the host country, if such restrictions are in force there. Choose Bypass VoiP Blocking feature, and all connections between your device and the Internet will now be carried out via an encrypted channel.
Now no one will know where you are and won’t be able to tackle your actions, even if you use free Wi-Fi .

After leaving that country do not forget to turn off the mode!


All your data are encrypted with the original LockBlock technology.
LockBlock allows you to exchange messages, audio, photo, video and doc files within two safe modes:
• standard mode of communication with keeping the content and chat history on the user’s devices and synchronizing it.
• One-time private dialog without registration, keeping of content and users personal data on servers.
There will left not a single entry of the fact and the content of your communications.

Call Out

Amanat Out is not only a high level service and quality of communication, but also a number of additional features that make communication more convenient and efficient.
It is possible to significantly reduce the cost of long distance and international calls.

See the rates

How it works?

Fill the balance via appropriate tab in the settings, select Amanat Out feature and dial a desired phone number.
With the call mode, while in the app, you are able to:
• make an unlimited number of calls; re-authorization with the new call is not required;
• redial the last number when the called number is busy;
• use the fast dial if you call the same number often enough;
• easily create and edit your personal list of numbers in the private room;

Call Back

Call Back service allows the customer to order a connection to the desired number so that the call could be incoming for both of them.

Because of many mobile operators free incoming calls, the user pays nothing to the operator and uses IP-telephony tariffs, which are actually much lower as compared to the rates of mobile and fixed telephony.
Call Back is recommended in case of very weak or extremely unstable Internet.

How it works?

If you want to use this feature click on the Call Back button:
1. Amanat system initiates call to you
2. You answer the call
3. Simultaneously Amanat system initiates call to your partner
4. The partner answers the call
5. Amanat system initiates a call session between you and your partner on its tariff, while you make a cellular not using the Internet.