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Amanat - your secure messenger!

Communicate with your loved ones and friends safe, free, without limits from any point of the world.

The project is available to all socially active users without ethno-geographical and religious restrictions, however, takes into account especially the traditional cultural and communication preferences of Muslim users.

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We do not keep your number

Features that are always
with you!

  • Safe mode communication. All content is protected.
  • Comfort audio and video calls.
  • One-time PIN-code anonymous mode.
  • Instant recording and sending pics and vids, sharing documents.
  • Sending voice and audio files.
  • Online status of messages.
  • Voice over internet Protocol.
  • Unique emoji.

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Convenient chat with friends and relatives that is available only to you.

  • Add stickers, share files, videos, photos, audio messages, share your location and contacts at a single click.
  • Add a person to your Favorite list or block the unwanted contact.
  • Use the chat during the video or audio call.
  • Group chat

Chat details

All your data are encrypted with the original closed technology LockBlock

"What's going on between the two persons is not intended to the third one."

LockBlock technology allows you to exchange text, audio, videos and photos, video and audio files in two secure modes.

You can select a preferable mode for each speaker:

  • normal mode of communication, including storage of chat history and content in the phone and synchronization between devices.
  • one-time private conversation in p2p format.

Without registration, storage of content and personal data on the servers. No record will prove your conversation has ever taken place.

Protection technology LockBlock is based on the TLS cryptographic protocol ( )

Amanat has a built-in video and photo editors. Add color to your communication!

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Add color to your free time with stress-relieving coloring patterns

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